at Babushka's

Russian culture is famous for its hospitality. Russians love to accept guests and make great hosts. If you are invited to a Russian home, expect to eat a lot. To be a good guest – please be hungry, when you visit us. Nothing can make us more upset than a guest, who does not have a good appetite.

In Babushka's, we tried to represent this part of the culture as much as we could and we are offering private, home-like events for any occasion! Birthdays, corporate events or private parties - we will treat you as a family and make sure everyone is enjoying an event!



Dining Area Size:  700 SQ Feet

Capacity: 34 seated, 42 standing  

Plus - Versatile seating configuration, removable furniture, open layout

For smaller parties:

Private Backroom Available: 8 seated, artificial grass floor, great for kids & families

For private events inquiries, contact Kirill at

813-449-2288 //

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12639 N 56th Street, Tampa, FL, 33617

12639 N 56th Street, Tampa, FL, 33617