Babushka'S STORY



Babushka's story has began in May 2018, when an international student from Russia at USF has noticed a very interesting fact: Russian food is strongly underrepresented in the United States, particularly in Florida and Tampa Bay Area. You could find a wide variety of international cuisines here, anything from Korean to Jamaican food, but not Russian. Knowing that our cuisine is absolutely unique and, most importantly, tasty, a student convinced his family to open a first restaurant in Tampa Bay, serving authentic and homemade Russian and Ukrainian cuisines.



The restaurant name Babushka's comes from Russian word [Bábushka], literally translating as "Grandmother" to English language. The name has been chosen for couple important reasons. First of all, Babushka in most families back in Russia, is usually a person, who cooks absolutely the best food. It is always warm experience coming to your Babushka house, sharing the great food and love. And that's the qualities we want to emphasize at Babushka's - great homemade food and warming, home-like atmosphere full of joy and love. 


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From Russia with Love

At Babushka's, we serve a wide variety of Russian and Eastern European dishes. You can find anything from Classic Borsht and Pierogies to sweet and savory Blinchikis (Russian Crêpes), Pirozhki and Homemade Honey Cake here! Babushka's offers breakfast, lunch and dinner and always happy to surprise our lovely guests with great specials! Babushka's also accepts special orders and ready to make any of your food fantasy a reality. Visit us today and we can assure you that you will not be disappointed with

 Babushka's Kitchen!